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Why Contribute to SHINE 4 Education?

SHINE 4 Education is making landscape changes to the way people look at education today.

SHINE 4 Education directly reflects on the problems with education today and addresses them. Many schools across the country don’t have educational programs for kids to participate in. Ultimately, you’re left with generations of kids lost and dissatisfied. Either they have passions they aren’t able to explore or aren’t given the opportunity to learn what they truly enjoy.

We want to give the youth the change to learn applicable skills and provide them programs to follow throughout the entirety of their education. Mirroring the model of athletics in the United States, we are providing pathways where students can join and learn the entirety of a subject as they go throughout their education.

Unlike most education, our programs aren’t centered around a “Pass or Fail” basis. We create an educational experience that is designed to the students rather than the other way around. Students simply get the change to experience something new while bolstering their college and job applications. They can secure their future by spending an hour after school learning about their dreams.

Ways to Help Out

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Event Preparation

Over the course of a year, we have countless events served to help the community which require a lot of manpower to set up. We always welcome extra hands to make these events happen.

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Program Development

We are constantly working on adding new pathways and educational programs into SHINE 4 Education’s current lineup. Feel free to contribute your expertise for the creation of our next program.

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Teaching & Tutoring

To do our educational programs, we need people to actually run them! Experience the joy of guiding students in following their dreams.

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Marketing Department

SHINE 4 Education is always looking for creative minds to help shape the image of SHINE and help spread our programs to new audiences. This can include photography all the way to web design.

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Fundraising Efforts

Our programs don’t exist without the valued contributions of community figures who donate to SHINE 4 Education. Join our operations team to learn the business of running a non-profit and help ensure we can keep giving back.

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SHINE Ambassadors

SHINE Ambassadors are a group of program participants who are willing to speak about SHINE 4 Education and serve as leaders in our team. Contact us for more information.

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