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Our media productions pathway offers a platform for aspiring videographers to showcase their filming and editing talents. We offer unprecedented opportunities to showcase student talent.

Through our media production programs, our students are able to publicly showcase their own creative films and participate in a television show about their own community. 

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What is the SHINE film festival?

The SHINE Film Festival is a student-led, student-produced event designed to provide opportunities for children to discover the wonders and joys of storytelling through film. Students are offered five genres: documentaries, personal narratives, public service announcements, skits, and theatre production. Using the theme of Overcoming The Odds, students will produce films to offer viewers hope, encouragement, and entertainment.

What is SHINE tonight?

SHINE Tonight is a television show that provides a platform for community figures to broadcast their work and individual roads to success while serving as an avenue for ambitious newcomers into the television industry. SHINE Tonight provides a unique opportunity for community leaders to build a media presence.

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