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Our authorship pathway offers a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their creative writing and journalism skills. We offer unprecedented opportunities to showcase student talent.

Through our authorship programs, our students are able to publish their own creative pieces and articles about our community. SHINE has plenty of room for in-person and online classes.

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What is SHINE Authors?

SHINE Authors is a multi-layered, creative writing program that develops and refines the literary skills of upcoming writers in a collaborative environment. Over the course of two months, we mentor and guide our authors’ through their creative process. In publishing their work, we serve to empower participants and set a foundation to further literary pursuits.

What is SHINE Magazine?

SHINE Magazine is an in-depth preview into the world of journalism and the surrounding processes that result in community news being published. As an extension of the original SHINE Authors program, It builds on the foundation by guiding students into telling real life stories and forming one complete magazine.

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